Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Much

I don't have very many exciting things going on right now. The weather is cold, very cold. It has been dark a lot this past week. We've finished (for now) our basement renos, so I should put a picture or two up of what that looks like. I'm waiting for my sister to have her baby - she is technically "full term" now, though she's not quite at 40 weeks. However, if baby came today, baby could probably go home right away! That's super exciting.

Brother Dave came back to Canada for a few weeks and was at our place for a few days last week - we were both sick, so we both lazed around and watched "The I.T. Crowd" and "Flight of the Concords" all day. It was great. :) He's got my car right now for his adventures around the province. He comes back to us on Friday sometime, I think, and then on Saturday morning he leaves us yet again for Korea. Stupid Korea. Taking my brother away for another year.

My Redeemer students have been in Oxford for two weeks now, and I wish I was there as well. Every winter I get the travel bug. Not to go just anywhere - but to go back to England. I wonder if that will ever fade?

There are so many babies coming in the next three months, and I'm so excited to meet them all! Marya, Kenny, and Hilary are all due around the same time, which is in around 3 weeks. Then Michelle and Tiffany join in. Five new babies to love!

This is a pretty disjointed post, but I'm going to leave it at that for now. My mind is not in a writing mode, but I thought it was about time for an update. Ciao!

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