Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to the world, Levi Martin!

Levi Martin was born last evening just before 9pm to parents Tiffany and Nathan Martin. He weighs a healthy 7lb 6oz, but he took his time arriving - Tiffany was induced yesterday, and after at least 12 hours of labour the doctors performed an emergency C-section. Levi is healthy, and Tiffany is recovering well. Looking forward to meeting you, Levi! Congrats, Nate and Tiff - so exciting for you!


MOM said...

When will you be finished with the birth announcements?

JvO said...

Um, probably in about two weeks. We're just waiting on Michelle and her little one now.

Eric and Marya said...

Jenn...let's see a post on something OTHER than babies!! :) I'm sure there's something interesting to write about!