Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Naming all the babies...

Let's see if I can do it. Starting the first week of September, and going all the way up to this afternoon:

Rachel Colyn (Anj & Justin)
Hannah Zantingh (Big Mike & Kristie)
Gideon Snoek (Rodney & Rebecca)
Joshua Speelman (Marty & Rachel)
Nathan Ennema (Karen & Rob)
Phoebe Goheen (Ben & Mylana)
Eden Scouten (Brian & Eileen)
Liam Renkema (Marya & Eric)
Caleb VanDooren (Laura & Brian)
Elijah VanderHeide (Nick & Hilary)
Levi Martin (Nathan & Tiffany)
Eli Wilms (Michelle & Jared)

That, ladies & gentlemen, is a lot of boys. 4 girls, 8 boys. Lots of choice for the girls! :)


Naomi said...

Wow. It'll be a whole different Hamilton by the time I visit next!

heidi said...


It seems that your friends also favour strong Biblical names. That is quite the list! I get to see Gideon a lot here in Kingston. He is such a cuttie.
I hope that you are doing well and that you and Brian are loving life sans-babies (well, babies of your own anyway). Enjoy the days before the diapers.


Eric and Marya said...

Can you recommend any of those girls for your nephew??