Friday, July 24, 2009

Currently Reading...

Nothing. Well, I'm part way through a book that Samuel lent me when I left Newfoundland, but I haven't picked it up much.

Lately, most of my time has been spent packing or unpacking from weekend trips, having dinner with and enjoying the company of friends, picking peas from my garden, staring at my tomatoes waiting for them to turn red, watering my flowerpots, watching worthwhile ("Duplicity" and "Nothing But the Truth") and not-so-worthwhile ("Van Wilder: Freshman Year") movies... However, most recently I finally started sewing some curtains that I told a friend (back in April) that I would make for her. Sewing blinds for my livingroom is one thing - if they don't turn out perfectly, that's ok. I can look past it and call it a "learning experience". On the flip side, sewing blinds that someone else has paid for is quite a serious responsibility. They're going to be very prominent in the VanOord family dining room - their windows are large, thus the curtains will be as well. What if they don't hang straight? What if the pattern is crooked? What if they're too narrow for the windows? What if they don't fold nicely when they're pulled up? Happily, the one panel that I have already sewn fits quite nicely into the one window - now to repeat that for the next two. But then there's the rings and the strings and the pulley and the velcro (sorry - hook and loop) and the boards... fingers crossed. If they end up being something to write home about, I'll take a pic of them and post it here.

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