Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Stories from the Garden

(Because I know you're all dying to get an update on the produce growing in my yard!)

I just thought that I should give you fair warning that I will soon start to blog about the dishes that I will be making from my garden....

I've done well this week - on Sunday, I made a killer omelet in which I put some fresh dill and chives from the garden. Last night, I made a tasty potato salad with freshly picked cilantro.

Our peas are still not yielding any more than one large handful every other day, but our scarlet runner pole beans have finally started growing! We picked and ate three last night - I prefer regular green beans, but considering how many of them we'll soon have they'll certainly be good for a few dinners!

The zucchini and cucumbers are busy growing, but there are no flowers on the plants yet. Can't blame them, really - they're only 4 weeks old! My pepper plants, on the other hand, are flowering right now, and I'm very excited at the prospect of garden-fresh peppers! I have NO idea what my eggplants are going to do - I've never grown then nor seen them grown before, so right now I'm just enjoying their leafy-greenness.

There's not much use even mentioning the tomatoes, but I am hoping that the hot humid weather today will nudge them a bit. However, I'm worried that if they start ripening now, we might have some that rot on the vine while we're away for an extended weekend! (I should mention that some of the plants are now taller than me...)

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