Friday, August 21, 2009

Last weekend at the Kat Cottage

A few photos from last week Saturday at Kat's family cottage on Lake Eerie.

This is Mercy. She's super cute, but she and Izzy don't get along. Big Surprise.

Joel and Felix fought a little bit.

Elijah chilled out a little bit, but he never took a nap. Poor boy.

We borrowed a windsurf board from someone for the weekend. It's a pretty shitty board, super wobbly. Brian was the first one to have a go at it, and it took a while for him to get going. Eventually, though, he took the record by moving about 1o0 ft. Yay, B!

Amanda performed very admirably well on the board!

This is my favourite picture of Amanda's windsurfing adventure. Can you spot Amanda?
This is Mark. He did superbly! However, his initial record was beaten by B in the end.
Brian and I made Izzy play with us in the lake.

She didn't like it very much.
She was still pretty happy with her weekend at the cottage, though. I don't think she holds the lake experience against us.

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