Friday, August 07, 2009

More Goodness from the Garden

Some of you might be getting tired of this day-by-day update of my garden and plants, but I'm not and it's my blog, so you can click on the little red "x" in the right hand corner if you're done.... :)

This was yesterday's harvest. My first big tomato! It wasn't quite ready, but it fell of the vine, so I suppose that it had decided that enough was enough!

Today's harvest! Second ripe tomato. This one I got to pick myself. I used both tomatoes in a salad that we shared with Nick and Hilary tonight. They're of the "Early Girl" variety, and apparently they're true to their name as they're the first big variety to ripen!

A little pepper is growing! It's actually supposedly a yellow pepper. I figure that I'm about 2.5 weeks away from getting pick-able peppers yet. (Note the large dandylion in the background. I haven't weeded consistently this summer...)

So it wasn't until I looked at my yellow zucchini plant that I realized that the thing sticking out of the stalk wasn't just another branch or leaf - it's a little tiny zucchini! So cute! I'm really looking forward to picking the yellow variety, especially.

Again - a tiny little baby cucumber! So very cute.

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