Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Whole Picture

Since I've spent so much of my time boasting about my garden this summer, I should paint an honest and accurate picture of how not everything is thriving. Tonight, I chopped down over half of my tomato plants which had been striken with blight. Actually, they all have it, but the others don't have it quite as bad yet, so I'm hoping to get a few more cherry tomatoes out of them.

These are what used to be my peas. The tomatoes killed them. Rotten tomatoes.

The ghosts of tomatoes past.

I'm going to try to ripen these tomatoes with my superpowers. Or, by the power of sunlight and / or ripe bananas and paper bags.

So many green tomatoes. Sigh.


MOM said...

What a shame. You've worked so hard on your garden--and it was showing such great promise. Very sad.

Kirsten said...

Your poor tomatoes. I guess you'll need some recipes using green tomatoes?
The soil is most likely infected with blight and your tomatoes will suffer the same fate next year. My Mom suggested planting the tomato plants in pots with new soil to avoid the blight problem.

Eric and Marya said...

They'll ripen...I picked all my green ones last fall and left them on the counter for a few worries!