Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Well, really, just published on a blog. And I publish on my own blog regularly, so I suppose that's not so different. Except this time, someone else clicked "Publish Post" and voila! My writing is now on someone else's blog. If you take a look to your right, there is a blog (under "Blogs I follow") named The Advisor Diaries. The most recent post, Third Time's a Charm is written by yours truly. And it's a true story. Unfortunately true. It might not resonate with many of you, but the fellow that I wrote about was the most expasperating student that I have ever had walk into my office.

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Rod and Bec said...

I read that story, and I thought it sounded awfully familiar... As in awful, and familiar...too awfully familiar to have happened twice :)

What exactly is "The Advisor Diaries?"