Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seven Years

Tomorrow, my nephew turns 7 years old. Seven years! 7 years ago, I didn't know Brian. I was in second year of university, living in a dorm with 7 other wonderful (but crazy!) girls. Seven years ago, I hadn't ever flown on a plane before, much less lived in B.C., England, or Japan. Seven years ago I still hadn't even decided what to major in at school.

Seven years ago, I didn't have a digital camera! Unfortunately, I didn't make the move to a digital camera until the summer I left for Japan - a year before this photo was taken. I love this pic - I don't know who took it - Uncle Eric, perhaps? The colours are just fantastic, and it shows off the spirit of this wonderful (and mischevious) boy. Happy birthday, Reuben!


Musings by Beth Rodgers said...

Beautiful child, wonderful blog. Love your layout and background. You are a wonderful writer!

sarah. said...

What a handsome fella! I took this picture!
You were a beautiful bride that day, Jenn!

7 years did go by very fast! I remember when you (and a nice friend with a car:) came to visit our apartment when Reuben was born. You made him a lovely baby blanket that will be used again by the up and coming baby.
Thanks for the post!