Monday, October 19, 2009

Parties, Traffic, and Accidental Encounters

Happy 60th to my dear mom-in-law today!!

This weekend seems to have been a success - both parties went over well and people seemed happy and well fed, and I don't think that we poisoned any of them, so that's always a plus. :)

My squash soup was quite a hit and I had to share my "recipe" with many people. The trifle also went over well, as did the boterkoek, brownies, and chewy-chocolate fudge squares. I met lots of people, got reacquainted with the members of the Tjoelker clan, and had some interesting conversations with some guests at the open house. (Him: "So you must be David's girlfriend!" Me: "No, actually, I'm Brian's wife." Thinking: who is David?! Him: Blank Stare. Him: "So... You got married recently?" Me: "Yeah, I suppose that 3 years isn't very long - 2006 seems like yesterday!" Him: "Oh." Awkward Silence. Me: Thinking: Does he actually know Trudy or her family? Is he at the right party?! )

I am fairly tired of socializing at the moment. I have no more small talk left in me. I'm tired of smililng, and saying, "No, actually, I'm not Shanna, I'm Jenn - I'm Brian's wife. No, Brian's actually the oldest child," and "No, Jared and I aren't married - I'm married to Brian, Trudy's oldest son, and Jared is married to Shanna, Trudy's daughter," and "No, it's actually Shanna and Jared that live in BC, Brian and I live in Hamilton," and "That's actually my dog - yes, she's part miniature schnauzer, and part something else - rabbit? Donkey?...." These are the conversations that I had all weekend. :)

On the way home from Sarnia last night, I ran into some traffic. Brian and I drove separately this weekend so that I could leave a little bit earlier on Sunday afternoon so that I'd be able to make it to my book club meeting. I should have been back in Hamilton by 7:15 at the latest - but that was before I knew about the lane closures in Ingersoll. 3 lanes down to 1 lane. It took me over an hour to travel about 6 km. Stop and go is not fun when driving a standard, in case you weren't aware. My clutching leg was in tremmors by the time I made it through. I tried my hardest to coast in neutral as much as possible, in order to avoid the partial clutching in 1st gear (traffic was going fast enough that I couldn't coast, but slow enough that I would have stalled if I was completely in 1st gear), but the van in front kept tapping the breaks, requiring me to break my coasting. By the time I got through the traffic, I was very hungry so I pulled into the next rest stop and stood in line at Wendy's (big mistake - the speed of service province-wide has gone dramatically down hill in the last 3 years!) - someone taps me on the shoulder after a few minutes, and who is it but Jared and Shanna, who left Sarnia shortly after I did! So, I got to sit down and eat supper with them! Nice surprise! However, I did end up missing my book club - I didn't get home until 9:20. Boo.

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Kat and Joel said...

I don't read blogs often, but I've been perusing tonight, and it's nice to find someone who still consistently blogs :). Sorry to hear about the traffic annoyance! We missed you at book club... maybe we can chat about the book more informal sometime soon.