Thursday, November 05, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Two weekends ago, Brian and I drove out to Bowmanville to the East Side Mario's to surprise Marya (along with Mom and Dave & Lisa) for her 30th birthday! It was a delicious lunch and a fun time together! Afterwards we went back to Mar's place for some Wii and some cake - good times! The Wii Fit has some very fun activities on it, but I don't excell at many of them. I was even beaten by Evan at one of the activities! It was too bad that Steve & Sarah & the kids and David couldn't come to the party, but I'm very excited that when we celebrate family Christmas in February, everyone will be around (including the newest little Van Breda)!!


Eric and Marya said...

Jenn, thanks again for your help in planning this surprise party. I am really happy that it worked out.


Eric and Marya said...

Thanks for coming, guys! It was fun! And we are enjoying the game1M

sarah. said...

Great pictures! I am glad that you all had such a fun time together!

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