Monday, November 09, 2009

This is our back yard as it has appeared throughout the last two years. The large photo is the most recent one, taken yesterday afternoon after the boys (Joel, Dan, Bun & Brian) finished sodding the yard. I am SO happy with it, there is no more stump, no more weeds! (Well, we'll have to keep on top of that next year, since we didn't kill the weeds before we tore up the back yard - so they'll come back). The top left two pictures below look very pretty and very green, but the majority of the green in the yard was in the form of a) clovers b) dandelions and c) prickle bushes. Now, it's pure grass! Izzy loves bouncing around on it, but she is very sad that there is no place for the mice to hide now - we're going to have a hard time keeping her from digging up the sod by the neighbour's fence, since she's positive that that's where they're living!


MOM said...

It looks great! You and your friends have really worked hard! Let's hope that it will survive the winter well!

sarah. said...

Wow, what a difference! It looks really good.

Do you think that the water will come back? Or did you solve that?

I love that you have a nice tree in your yard.