Monday, February 08, 2010

Van Breda Family Christmas - January, 2010

Mr Liam

Our little Princess

Judah Monkey

David came home for a few weeks - it was great to spend some time with him! Steve, Dave, and Brian spent some time in the dining room making some great (and loud) music!

Steve and the gang are entranced by Uncle Dave's gift.

Put a sock in it! Liam enjoys eating his socks.

I love this beautiful face.

Uncle Eric and Nadine enjoy the Stinky Cheese Man.

Grandma, Eli, & Liam have an interesting conversation.

Sarah and Eli talk about baby Silas.


Eric and Marya said...

Such GREAT pictures...such cute neice & nephews you have!!!!!

Eric and Marya said...

Hey...forgot to ask whatever happened to that video of the guys singing (with the little naked redheaded boy streaking accross the scene??!)

MOM said...

Thanks for posting those wonderful pictures, Jenn!

JvO said...

The video is still living on my computer: it will come out soon enough... :)