Sunday, May 02, 2010

New Restaurant in Town

One of Brian's recent clients is Stonewall, a new restaurant in town. They had a "soft open" (construction wasn't quite finished, only half of the booths were open for seating) on Saturday night, so Brian and I headed out for a late dinner. They have a reall wood burning stone oven in the kitchen, meant for baking pizza - so I was told to order pizza. They had the regular kinds - pepperoni, sausage, red onion, etc., but they also had a "potato" pizza - the ingredients listed sour cream, bacon, broccoli and, of course, potatoes. Why not? I ordered it, and it was really quite fantastic! Who knew that baked potato in the form of pizza could be delicious?


Eric and Marya said...

I, for one, certainly didn't know that.


sarah. said...

Ooo! That looks delicious! This weekend I had potato pancakes for breakfast - with bacon and cheese inside and sourcream for dipping. What a good breakfast!