Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Victoria Day at Webster's Falls

Brian wasn't feeling too well on the long weekend, so when we got to the park he had a bite to eat and then spent the rest of the afternoon passed out on a blanket.

Mark and Amanda brought their dags along. The excitement and crowds were almost too much for Jazzy. Hazel, on the otherhand, followed Brian's cue and spent most of the time napping in the shade.

Others in attendance included the Postmas, the Harsevoorts, the Joustra, the Hayman, the Kuiper, the Glasbergens and the VanDoorens.

This devilishly handsome boy is Caleb, son of Kenny and Bun. Love that tooth!

And, of course, Katelyn (Glasbergen) the Beauty. What a smile!

Today, my supervisor is not at work, meaning that I will be spending my "lunch break" in the store behind the counter. So, I brought along my camera and camera cord so that I could do a few "non-work" things today, too., to break up the day a little bit.

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