Monday, October 04, 2010

The Back 40

It seems as though Redeemer's campus has been under construction for forever. The new (entirely renovated old) Student Services Office and the Business Office are almost completed - but now, the push is on to get the soccer dome built at the back of campus before January so that we don't lose the government funding. The archeological dig that was happening for the past few years at the back finally wrapped up, and the big machines have moved in. I'm fairly sure that when I started school at Redeemer 9 years ago, this was all farm land.


sarah. said...

Is this the space beside the fairgrounds? I can't really place it anymore. Or by the apple orchard?

And! Soccer dome! Cool! Is that usually one field - for indoor soccer?

I should come and visit Redeemer soon - I think the last time I was there was for your wedding :)

JvO said...

Sarah - it's directly behind the dorms in third parkinglot, where there used to be raspberry bushes and a garden behind (behind the old Fallon rez?)... You should absolutely come visit Redeemer sometime! So many changes on campus!