Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making Nutella


Rod and Bec said...

I can't believe you made nutella. How does it taste? How much work was it?
My mom once told me that she made peanut butter. She also told me that she was *never* doing it again.

JvO said...

Actually it was surprisingly easy! The most work was rubbing off the skins from the roasted hazelnuts. Of course, you need a food processor, and that does most of the work. I suspect that your mom did not have a food processor, because I was thinking today (after making this) how easy it would be to make my own peanut butter! It tastes pretty good - not as sweet as nutella, and a different texture, but pretty good. It's for sure more expensive than buying it in the store, but it's also healthier.

Here's the link!