Friday, September 23, 2011

[Note: I really did write this a week after H turned 6 months, but now he's already over 7 months!  Time flies!  Better late than never?]

I have been inspired all week by Sarah's post for Silas, but every time I sit down and breathe, I forget to write this down. So, here we are. Only a few days late.

Happy 6 months to my baby Hendrik!

What a busy little boy you are. At 6 months (and a few days), you:
-are a *very* good sleeper - you only get me up once a night (unless we're visiting Oma or Grandma!), and sleep from about 7pm until a feeding sometime between 4am-5:30am, and then when I'm lucky you sleep until almost 8am!
-still take 2 or 3 naps a day - sometimes they're very short (30 minutes) and sometimes they're very long (3 hours!)

-still wear 3-6 month clothing (and even some 3 month pants!) - you're not in a hurry to get too big, too quickly.
-love to smile at your mommy and your daddy, and most people who stop us in stores to tell you how cute you are.
-enjoy laughing when your belly is kissed, or when you look in the mirror, or when I make strange and loud noises to entertain you, or when someone eats your toes, or kisses your feet, or tickles your thighs: I think you are very ticklish!
-love to jump in your Jolly Jumper, especially when someone is singing for you - then you jump extra high!
-have just started sitting well by yourself, and though you're shocked if you fall over, you don't stay upset for very long.
-haven't mastered crawling yet, but can push yourself up onto your hands and knees, and like to push yourself backwards. Sometimes you get stuck on your hands and knees and then you get frustrated.
-drool a LOT! We have to change your bib at least four times a day!
-have no teeth yet. We have been wondering since you were 2.5 months if you're drooling because you're teething, but they still have not made an appearance.
-like to sit up straight in your stroller when we go for walks, even though the back of your stroller seat reclines. Reclining is for babies - you're a big boy now, and you can balance so well when we go over bumps!
-like to watch Izzy walk around the room, and if she is tricked into coming near you, you do your best to pull on her ears! Sometimes she makes you laugh.
-don't like to be left in a room by yourself for more than a minute if you're not going to bed.
-have just started to munch on and eat solid foods - you prefer to suck on them and gnaw on them than actually consume them. Sucking on pickles is your favourite food-related activity. You didn't mind eating some Avacado as your first food, but everything since then (zucchini, beets, apples, carrots) has been spit out.
-love being in the nursery at church and watching all of the bigger kids being busy!
-are loved instantly by most of the little girls (esp. 1 year and under!) who meet you. We have to protect you from their curious hands.
-have just started becoming posessive about things in your hands. You don't like it when Greyson, Isaac, or Joshua takes away your toys!
-wake up happy most of the time - and give me the biggest grin when I come in the room to get you! But sometimes you cry harder when I come into view. Time to go back to bed.
-love watching cars drive by when we go for walks.
-are frightened when trains or big transport trucks go by.
-still try to put *everything* into your mouth. Except for the foods we try to feed you.
-make my heart melt every day! You have such a beautiful little face and a contagious smile. It's hard not to smile back at you when you're supposed to be sleeping but you're smiling instead.
-are able to make your daddy say funny things in a funny voice and make funnier faces than anyone else.

Like Ike

 Hendrik is moving around a lot these days - and this morning, when he got himself stuck under the media console in the livingroom, I was shocked to realize that he's not so far behind his next-older cousin Isaac!  Well, Isaac was getting himself stuck there when he came to visit in March, but that's really not so long ago, considering the fact that Hendrik was just a newborn then, and now he's following in Isaac's crawlprints? Tummy trails?
Isaac in March 2011

Hendrik in September 2011