Friday, September 23, 2011

Like Ike

 Hendrik is moving around a lot these days - and this morning, when he got himself stuck under the media console in the livingroom, I was shocked to realize that he's not so far behind his next-older cousin Isaac!  Well, Isaac was getting himself stuck there when he came to visit in March, but that's really not so long ago, considering the fact that Hendrik was just a newborn then, and now he's following in Isaac's crawlprints? Tummy trails?
Isaac in March 2011

Hendrik in September 2011


Marya said...

:) Good crawlprints to be following in!! :) And since they are *supposed* to be 6 months apart, Hendrik's timing is right on!! Good work, H!

sarah. said...

ha ha! Love it! Little boys should be in stripes as often as possible, too:)