Friday, October 14, 2011

My Very Little Big Boy

Yesterday, we lowered the mattress in Hendrik's crib.  He's been a bit of a monkey lately, sitting up from laying down, and then pulling himself up to standing from sitting - so for the past few nights and naptimes, I've been pretty nervous that he'd stand up in his crib and then topple over the railing.  Especially because when Brian went to get him up the other day he was sitting up in his crib beside the railing.  We didn't have the time to fix the crib that night, so instead we took two of the couch cushions and put them on the floor beside the crib - at least he wouldn't break his neck?

Any how, we got it done yesterday, and I'm glad that we have a drop-side crib, because it's really far down!  (Don't worry, none of the parts in our drop side are plastic, so it's just as sturdy as an immobile side....)  He looks so little way at the bottom when he's sleeping..... but, this is why we did it:

Playing in the crib.

Standing up all by himself!

p.s.: I really like the bumper pad that I found at Talize, it's Pottery Barn for Kids.  And I love even more that I bought it for $4.  That's a savings of about $95!  ;)


Mom said...

Wow! Is that him standing up already? He looks pretty pleased with himself!

sarah. said...

I was always sad at that stage, too. Proud but a little sad at the passing of time so quickly! They are so far down, aren't they!

I love your bumper pads, too! Super cute. (I love Talize!)

Anonymous said...

bumpers pads can be a HUGE safety risk for SIDS. while they aren't illegal in Canada, they are trying to pass a law against them. CAS removes all bumper pads from homes that they enter as the risk of suffocation has gone up so much.

Just a heads up...

JvO said...

Mom - yep, he is VERY proud of himself when he stands up!

Sarah - you're right, it does pass *so* quickly!!

Anonymous - Technically, in a report filed by Health Canada in 2005, the government considers them to be more of a strangulation and suffocation death (which are specific causes of death, therefore not SIDS). They do say that the bumper pads "may also be a contributing factor for SIDS," though there is no specific evidence to link it. And from 1987 to 2001 there was only 1 death by each of the two causes outlined above in the whole of Canada. (I'm fairly certain that it is safer to put bumper pads in H's crib than put him in the van, even in a car seat!) True, they were still deaths that could have been avoided, but there may have been other circumstances at play. We chose to put the bumper pads in at this point so that he would stop bruising his legs when they got stuck in the rails at night and at nap time. While I do appreciate your concern, I should note that I do take the time to think about and research things that I do with my child before I do them. (Luckily, my bumper pad meets the safety recommendations as set out by Health Canada. Phew.) Cheers!