Sunday, November 20, 2011

Now We Are Four (Decades)

I belong to a wonderful, hilarious, bizarre, and exclusive book club. There are four of us in this club, and while we had our first guest this month, I suspect that there are a limited number (4) of permanent spots. We read easy reads, and we usually only talk about the books in question for about 10 minutes. Which is fine, we have enough conversation to keep us going until midnight as it is. This past week, Linda entered a new decade, meaning that we now each represent a different decade. I think it's pretty awesome that we span 4 different decades and still connect the way that we do.
It's the only photo I had of me on my phone...
The Illustrious LizTaylor
HRH Marnie, Queen of the Marniverse
The Birthday Girl, Linda

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Marnie - Queen of the Marniverse said...

HRH - awesome. Those glasses.... not so much. I ♥ our book club too. This is a nice post.