Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's funny.  I've never encouraged Hendrik to play with any specific toy of his - in fact, I've hardly bought any toys for him - the ones we have are mostly a mix of hand-me downs from cousins and friends, with a few here are there that were freebies (or really good buys) from yard sales or mom to mom sales. 

Despite this, Hendrik loves three things:  (1) Very much in first place, his Sleep Sheep.  When I let him take it out of his crib with him in the morning or after a nap, he drags it everywhere (by an ear or the tail, of course).  I've taken the sound box out of it because he would occasionally press one of the buttons during the night and when the ocean waves started crashing in his crib in the middle of the night, he'd wake up rather unhappy.  (2) A tiny little teddy bear with a pink scarf (and now a missing eye) that was handed out at a mom-to-mom sale by women who were trying to raise money for breast cancer.  He has two other little teddy bears, but neither of them have been deemed worthy of his love quite the way that this little bear has.  (3) Cars, buses, horses on wheels, and anything else that can be pushed along with a "bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrr" sound effect.  I don't know what his fascination with cars is, I think it must be an innate male characteristic - I'm not sure - neither Brina nor I have ever suggested in any play that cars and vehicles were more fun than Little People or Noah's Ark or stuffed caterpillars....  Maybe it has to do with the hours he's spent watching Top Gear with Brian, from the first day he was in this world.....

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