Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun in the Springtime!

Hendrik and I have been spending much of the time between when we get home and when he goes to bed outside.  I think he would live outside if he could, even though he won't crawl on grass or on the wood chips in the play ground, and he often walks on his knees on the driveway, and he gets slivers in his hands when he crawls on the deck.  Despite all of that, he loves the out doors. 
At the park. 
Hendrik watches in disappointment as Izzy drinks the whole puddle away.
Fun car/ball from his Van Breda cousins!
He LOVES to play fetch with Izzy.  SHE needs some encouragement to play with him.
Come back, tractor!

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Mom said...

Great pictures! Such fun to see him exploring!