Friday, March 02, 2012

Spring has Sprung (for now)

Hendrik is thrilled to play outside in the nice weather.  Dirt, sticks, and water make life that much more fun!  While we are avid fans of winter here in this house, it's always thrilling to watch, feel, smell, and hear the seasons changing.  There's nothing quite like the smell of wet earth warming up, or like the sound of spring bird songs after a winter of silence, or like the feel of the warm sun on your face.  I know, winter's not over until it's over, and there will certainly be one or two more snowstorms yet before spring arrives for real, but this weather is a wonderful reminder that spring is on the way and that the gardens will soon be growing again!


Mom said...

Spring hasn't sprung here yet, though, but I understand that it's going to get a lot warmer in the next few days!

Sarah. said...

Cutie. I love how everything is so new for Hendrik! Exploring, how fun is that!