Saturday, December 29, 2012


We have decided to make a tradition of doing our family gifts on Sinterklaas rather than on Christmas. This year we missed the date by 10 days, but let's be honest - we could have done it in January and the kids would be none-the-wiser this year! ;)

Hendrik got a motorbike ("Moany-cycle" or "morning-bike") for Sinterklaas this year. He loves riding it, loves taking Peetew for rides on it. Anneke got love and cuddles for Sinterklaas. Brian got a big boy shaving kit, and I got tickets to Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe Christmas Show. It was so. Good.

Catching Up... Again

A bit of our life in photographs in the past couple months....

Monday, December 17, 2012

Life According to Hendent

Me: (Attempting to cut H's nails last week) "Don't worry, mommy won't hurt you!"
H: (Every day since then, randomly): "Mommy Hurt You.  Mommy Hurt You!"

Hendrik knows that Daddy's name is Brian (You can often hear him yelling, "Puppy!  Byan!  Puppy! Go Byan!"), so he's a little confused when when I call him Hendrik Brian...

Me: (Singing) Anneke Jacoba!
H: Akke Coba!
M: Hendrik Brian!
H: Hendent Byan!
M: Anneke Jacoba! Hendrik Brian!
H: Akke Coba!  Peetew Byan!
M: Hendrik Brian!
H: Mommy Byan!
M: Hendrik Brian!
H: Daddy Byan!
M: Hendrik Brian!
H: Peetew Byan!
Me: Je
H: Je
M: m'a
H: m'a
M: pelle
H: pelle
M: Hendrik
H: Hendent
M: Je m'appelle Hendrik
H: Mommytell Hendent
M: Je m'appelle Hendrik
H: Mommabelle Hendent
M: Je m'appelle Hendrik
H: Izbelle Hendent
M: Oh, nevermind.
H: Oh mommymind.